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App Usability : Do you bill by the hour? Need to keep track of your time spent on different projects? Want to get paid faster with minimal paperwork? Like to tweet?
  • Lightning-fast time tracking
    Twitter-style logging and natural language parsing will have you screaming along in no time. Entering your time is as simple as typing "30 mins", or leaving the automatic timer ticking away until you're done!
  • Powerful invoicing
    MinuteDock's built in invoicing tool makes it super simple to invoice out the time you've logged, and lets you group entries however you like in chronological order to give your customers the most descriptive invoices they've ever received!
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online
    MinuteDock seamlessly synchronizes all your contacts and accounts with QuickBooks, so all your data is accessible and easy to manage. When it comes to invoicing time, MinuteDock sends invoices through to QuickBooks for approval and sending!

Time Tracker by eBillity

See What's WorkingOur reports reveal user and customer time activity, helping you better understand where your employees are allocating their time and which customers are earning you the most money.

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They Track, You Approve With Time Tracker, employees submit their time for approval by the admin (usually the boss or bookkeeper). The admin then can approve or edit any time entries. If the admin approves the submitted time entry, it will automatically sync to QuickBooks.

BQ 2013 - Time and Billing

The Time Tracking, Project Management and Service Billing solution that QuickBooks users have been looking for. Easy to use and flexible - the perfect solution for all service industry professionals.

Compatible QuickBooks Products

Canada, Enterprise, Premier, Pro, United Kingdom

Sharing Data With QuickBooks

BQ 2013 offers REAL-TIME, scheduled and manual integration with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks <--> BQ
Customers <--> Clients
Jobs <--> Projects, Engagements, Matters
Employees <--> Employees
Vendors <--> Vendors
Service Items <--> Activities, Billing Codes
Estimates <--> Estimates
Expense Items <--> Expense Items
Time <--> Time
Bills <--> Expenses
Invoices <--> Invoices
Payments <--> Payments
Vendor Bills <--> Bills
Chart of Accounts <--> Chart of Accounts

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Intuit 1099 E-File Service

The Intuit 1099 E-File Service makes it EASY for small businesses to file 1099-MISC in minutes.

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With ViewMyPaycheck, your employees can have secure, online access to their pay stubs and their W-2s.

QuickBooks Integration: Upload pay stubs using QuickBooks. Control Employee Access: Administrators can control employee access.

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IAM - Instant eCommerce Shopping Cart For use with QuickBooks® and QuickBooks® Point of Sale

Faster page loads and more scalable than shared hosting. We remote setup & train you. Made from the ground up for Quickbooks. 100% QB user base. Ease of use and integration features others lack.

Special Features for wholesalers (b2b)

We have innovative special features for wholesalers and retailers you won't find elsewhere.
Want to wholesale on one site and retail on another? Wholesale shoppers work differently than retail shoppers. IA Modules offers innovative mutli storefront functionality built in so you can do both without generating ill will to either customer base and while offering a shopping interface more geared to that customer group! We can also save payment information to quickbooks with sales orders so you can run and apply payments as you ship partials. Allow shoppers to add many items to their cart at once. Shoppers can even see how many you have on hand (less sales order qty) and even see how many are on PO or if any are at all. Our free library of highly functional 'made for QuickBooks' templates put all these powerful factors and many more in your hands.

Special Features for QB POS Retailers

Use QB Point of Sale? IA Modules automatically picks up and uses your POS styles saving tremendous set up and management work. Powerful image resizing wizards scale and optimize up to 4 image sets (thumb/standard/hi-res) per item and auto-matches them to your items en masse! Reports identify items that lack images to speed photography work. Save even more time with toggle on features that auto hide out of stock items. Advanced inheritance features let all items in a style set appear complete even though only one may be fully setup. Plus, show shoppers per variation pricing and stock status. These are just a few of the innovative features our 100% QuickBooks user focused development team delivers.

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Integrated Shipping

Create shipments from invoices
Create shipment requests using the invoices you have entered in QuickBooks. This way you won't have to enter orders twice. And you won't run the risk of making a mistake entering them the second time.
Create shipments from sales orders