A Must For Small Business

"Its comprehensive tool set makes it easy to manage your company's money matters and get a picture of its overall financial standing. The ability to generate almost any type of report is a real time-saver (and probably a life-saver), especially come tax time. Overall, this is a solid product and anyone that's considering starting a small business should include QuickBooks Online as part of their business plan."
A Must For Small BusinessMarch 13, 2013

Simply, Love QBO...

"For the last three years I paid someone to file my quarterly taxes, only to find out that they didn't file them correctly. QBO informs me when, and which taxes are due. It also presents the information I need to know in an understandable format! Having all my information online makes it easier to work from home, with my coffee."
Love QBOMarch 18, 2013

What else is there besides QuickBooks for small business accounting?

"QuickBooks is easy to use. The Home page flow diagram makes it easy to figure out what to do and how to do it. Using a budget and the report will help keep you on track financially and avoid expenses creeping up."
Kudos! QuickBooks ProApril 29, 2013